About Us

About Us

RecoveryGreetings.com is celebrating our 10th year online providing free 12 step recovery e-cards, cards, gifts and resources for the recovery community. The latest release of RecoveryGreetings.com marks a big step towards offering a wide range of e-cards and services. Going forward we will offer a much larger selection of e-cards, features and recovery community services built on a much better (technically speaking) foundation.

Recovery Greetings is managed by John A and Caroline A in the spirit of "passing it on" and giving back to the recovery community. Our website was born out of a need to keep John busy when he was out of work with way too much time on his hands. After getting laid of from a six month temporary job as an e-card designer for Mattel, John build the first version of RecoveryGreetings.com. Our first site had about 25 cards and 5 web pages. Our latest incarnation of RG now has almost 400 e-cards and a host new features that have been requested by our users.

Our ventures in the online world has also given opportunity to develop additional products for the recovery community including our Serenity Planet printed greeting cards and our CafePress website which offers a wide variety of 12 step recovery products.

12 Step Recovery Cards - Catering to the resell/wholesale community.

12 Step Recovery Gear - Posters, mugs, cards, shirts, calendars, tote bags, mouse pads and more.
You will find many of our RG designs on our CafePress website.

As we go forward with the new RecoveryGreetings.com we hope to give back to the recovery community what was so freely given to us over the years.

God Bless Us Everyone,
John & Caroline

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